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Millions of Americans are trying to figure out why they feel so tired all the time, why they’re suffering from ‘brain fog, depression, and why they feel a lack of sharpness or energy as they used to.  You could be suffering from Adrenal Fatigue. We have carefully formulated the herbs to address this problem to help with those who suffer from a lack of energy. Try it.

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This product is to be applied to the soles of the feet, and is not for internal use.


   People who are unfamiliar with the sensitive nature of the thyroid do not realize that all medications are acid to the body and if you are struggling with a PH concern then you need to follow natures way. On the other hand as an herbalist, we will always go with the strength of the plant.   Herbs are much gentler on the body and are not toxic, or acidic. Herbal treatment for the thyroid has been around for thousands of years and the body embraces it as self. The body will absorb the properties from the herbs and restore it to a more natural balance . I believe it’s time for us to get back to a positive gentle type of healing of the body, especially the thyroid. This product is formulated with a variety of sea weeds, and Mullein leaf. Just rub it on the Thyroid area, its that easy, and let the body do the rest.


    There is no known cure for diabetes type 1. Type 2 is sometimes controlled with the right medications. We make no claim that our herbal formulation will cure the challenges that comes with diabetes, we only know from the feedback we get from those who purchase the pancreas support that it is helping, let them speak for us on the experiences that come from a natural source. The body will balance itself if you give it what it is crying for. It is a testimony to us that the Herbs hold the key to what the body needs; however, it is not to take the place of your medications if you are on them. These herbs are a food with the right proprieties, nutrition, to give the body a chance to balance itself. Try One bottle and see if you feel a difference. Type 2 is what we are addressing in this formulation. You monitor your own blood sugars. 



Quote from: 

     "About 100 years ago society began to reject the natural cosmetic appearance of wheat. This one naive decision resulted in an opportunity for our entire use of all wheat based products to be compromised to the core.

Meet a drug named Alloxan. This chemical is the number one technique that America food makers use to process naturally brown whole wheat into toxic white powder found in nearly all white bread based products and especially cakes and candies sold in convenient stores from coast to coast.

The problem with Alloxan is that it also doubles as a drug that induces diabetes in laboratory animals. That’s right. An animal is given Alloxan and immediately begins to develop diabetes. What effect do you suppose this has on the human body? If you guessed diabetes, you’re probably right."

Senior Physiotherapy


  This product was formulated to help balance the brain and rid the body of parasites, and flukes. Our formulation and clients prove that this is the case..

    Although science has claimed nothing can cure it, God will always prove them wrong for He is the great healer and has given us charge of these incredible plants.  


    Science will never discover the cure for MS because there is no money in it. We have added Blue-Green Algae for its effectiveness in stem-cell growth to help repair the damage. 

    This product contains Chapperel, Cats Claw, Skullcap, Wormwood, Black Walnut, Rhubarb, and other herbal blends.

    If you have suffered from MS you owe it to yourself to discover the secrets of this product and become one of our happy customers.



   East Sun Herbals is a family business that has been founded in the quest for a natural way of health and wellness. Traveling this path has given us a profound respect for the wisdom and love of the Great Creator.  We are both Master Herbalist through the School of Natural Healing and have been using herbs in our family for the last 20 years. East Sun Herbals is our way of sharing a natural way to health and wellness.  Thank you

Donald and Barbara Hepler



    It is our philosophy that the human body when depleted of minerals and vitamins of a natural source, that the body becomes imbalanced. The Great Creator gave us plants, herbs, roots, and barks because He knew how the body can heal itself. That  knowledge was past on through Herbal schools.  We are not the healers. The body is the great healer.  The body recognizes plants and herbs as self and through the intelligence of the cells the body becomes balanced. Therefore we can only say you will experience a mighty change! We invite you to do so. 

East Sun Herbals

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