There is no known cure for diabetes type 1. Type 2 is sometimes controlled with the right medications. We make no claim that our herbal formulation will cure the challenges that comes with diabetes, we only know from the feedback we get from those who purchase the pancreas support that it is helping, let them speak for us on the experiences that come from a natural source. The body will balance itself if you give it what it is crying for. It is a testimony to us that the Herbs hold the key to what the body needs; however, it is not to take the place of your medications if you are on them. These herbs are a food with the right proprieties, nutrition, to give the body a chance to balance itself. Try One bottle and see if you feel a difference. Type 2 is what we are addressing in this formulation. You monitor your own blood sugars.  WATCH THE TESTIMONY  VIDEOS WHO ARE ON THIS PRODUCT. 


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